United Bakery Records


United Bakery Records is a New Orleans based record label which was founded in 2015. The company grew out of United Bakery Gallery, an art gallery, performance venue, and hotbed of New Orleans' creative community which was located at 1337 Saint Bernard Avenue from March of 2015 through September of 2016. United Bakery Records is owned and operated by Liam Conway, Daniel Grey, Lauren Miller, Galen Cassidy Peria, and Shane Sayers.


Mission Statement


As musicians and visual artists ourselves, we, the founders of United Bakery Records can imagine few things as gratifying as to be offered the resources, the trust and support, and the artistic freedom to realize our own creative visions. Enacting a time-tested tenet as a guiding principle of our endeavors, we hope to fulfill this wish for others and seek to enable the creative ones to create, the free spirits to be free, the inspired ones to inspire. We aspire to build mutually beneficial partnerships with the artists we love and believe in: our successes owe to the triumphs of the musicians and our prosperity is measured first in the strength of the community with which we grow. We are all indebted tremendously to the city of New Orleans. Whether welcomed into her open arms at birth or during restless years of searching, we have each been graced by her generosity, awed by her people's strength and deep spirit of perseverance, empowered and blessed by her encouragement to express the truest of our selves, so long as that self will stop to say hello to the neighbors. We direct our attention now to giving something back, to offering our contribution to the next chapter in New Orleans' ever-evolving cultural landscape. We are joining together in seeking to amplify the voices that shall be heard.


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