Galen Cassidy Peria, also known as Duke Aeroplane, is a New Orleans based song-finder, wordsmith, student of the cards, histrionic, and excitable drinker.  As a member of Vermont Joy Parade he recorded and released two critically acclaimed albums and toured the United States and Europe extensively between 2008 and 2014.  As a solo artist, he has recorded and released one double-length album as difficult to locate as it is to evaluate.  His latest work, "Duke Aeroplane & The Wrong Numbers: Higher Ground" is available on United Bakery Records.  He is currently in pre-production on the first UBR Films release, “The Heartbeat, The Hammer”, due in 2019.    
“A man who has earned the right to wear his sunglasses on stage.”
   - Shane Sayers
“(He’s) close enough.”
   - Jonah Salzman

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