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Gambit's 40 Under 40 2019 (6/9/19)

The 2nd United Bakery Records Revue Is The Meat In Your Jazz Fest Sandwich: OffBeat Magazine (4/23/18)

Review of United Bakery Records Revue I by Bartholomew Singer for OffBeat Magazine (3/28/18)

Review of United Bakery Records Revue I by Rachel Cholst for Adobe and Teardrops (2/27/18)

Review of United Bakery Records Revue I by The Devil Has The Best Tuna (1/15/18)

Review of Julie Odell - GOLDfish by Jason Grishkoff for Indie Shuffle (12/26/17)

United Bakery Records Announces Compilation Album Featuring 12 Local Bands by Raphael Helfand (OffBeat Magazine) (11/6/17)

United Bakery Records hosts fundraiser for WHIV (nola.com / The Times-Picayune) (8/31/17)

New Orleans record label United Bakery hosts a two-day revue by Alex Woodward (Gambit) (5/1/17)


United Bakery Records: Offering Up A Dozen by Laura DeFazio (OffBeat Magazine) (4/24/17)

Robert Allen Randow of Pheasants on Duke Aeroplane & The Wrong Numbers: Higher                               Ground: "Warren Zevon meets Tom Waits in a dark alley in New Orleans.  A rollicking night                       and hazy bar conversation ensue.  Morning time coffee awaits.  Black." (1/8/17)

The Tumbling Wheels Play The No Counts named one of the Top 50 Louisiana Albums of 2016 by OffBeat Magazine (12/28/16)

County Tracks review of Duke Aeroplane & The Wrong Numbers: Higher Ground and Best Vermont Albums of 2016 (12/28/16)

"Raucous and bawdy, more Earl King than Allen Toussaint, he and his band cook up a gumbo of could-be Mardi Gras classics."

OffBeat Magazine review of The Tumbling Wheels Play The No Counts by Brett Milano (11/22/16)

"'You Never Showed Me How' manages to get some poignancy out of a lyric about crawfish." 

Gabriel Di Chiara review of The Tumbling Wheels Play The No Counts (10/6/16)

"...this album is like a breath of fresh air: twelve tracks that will drag your emotions all over the place and keep your feet tapping at the same time."

Seven Days preview of The Rolling Boil Revue tour opener: 9/16/2016 at Radio Bean in Burlington, VT (9/14/16)

"As always, Peria [Duke Aeroplane] leads his band with the seedy, theatrical flair of a carnival sideshow barker. Think Tom Waits meets P.T. Barnum."

Ear To The Ground review of The Tumbling Wheels Play The No Counts (9/4/16)

"They sound like a troupe who have been singing together for many years and only now decided to share this gift with the rest of us."


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